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What is Health & Wellness Coach

 There is no single answer to this because we are all, coaches & clients, so unique.  You are the only one who lives in there and has the innate wisdom and intuition  for what you need and what works. A good coach puts you in the drivers seat of identifying, analyzing and creating desired change in your life.  Clients seek coaching for weight, sleep, fatigue, exercise, disease prevention and stress as well as relationships, work/life balance, parenting, and handling life's little events. 

Let's Meet in San Clemente

Unique blend of life coaching rooted in functional health usually done in  a pre-clinical situation where your aren't ill but you also aren't well.  You may feel like something just isn't right or that you should be doing something better or different and haven't been able to for some reason. Coaching can help you get out of 'neutral' and live a vibrant life or get you moving in that direction.  After all, together as a 'we' instead of 'I', even 'i'llness can become  'we'llness.  

Let's Meet Remotely

Not in the San Clemente area (or don't want to come downtown)?  No problem, Kim has clients worldwide!  Expanded scheduling to accommodate your timezone with the same in-person like authentic, encouraging, creative, honest service.  

Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

 It is normal for the coaching process to happen 3-6 months at a time. Buy a coaching package at a discount to get started and then by the month to meet your needs.  Packages include one month of  email/text support. 

HIPPA Compliant Sessions


The Healthie platform is a full- featured HIPAA compliant platform for you to communicate with Kim in a completely confident way and include your health care provider if you choose.  It provides private messaging, in-office/phone or video appointment scheduling,  an app that lets you take photos of your meals and enter your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, workouts, triggers, sleep and so much more.  

Book all your sessions on Healthie

Buy and book discovery sessions, individual session, packages in San Clemente, on the phone or a built-in video session all in one place.   All at no additional charge to you!  Include your practitioner too if you want to.

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